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WIN Global Travel Network renamed The Advantage Global Network

The Advantage Travel Partnership Introduces The Advantage Global Network
at Business Travel Show Europe 2021

The Advantage Travel Partnership has announced that WIN Global Travel Network, the international network of corporate travel experts, of which The Advantage Travel Partnership is 95% shareholder, has been renamed The Advantage Global Network, with immediate effect.

The Advantage Travel Partnership took a majority (95%) share in WIN Global Travel Network back in 2017, having been involved with the business for many years prior to that. The network has continued to flourish with partners now covering 6,000 locations in 81 countries globally.

The rebrand has been prompted by the increased brand awareness and recognition that Advantage has achieved in recent years and especially during the pandemic, as a leader in business and leisure travel services, both in the UK and globally, and helps align and simplify its overarching business travel proposition.

The global network is an exclusive benefit to Advantage members whereby global partners provide local in-country, and on the ground, support and knowledge to Advantage members in the UK and their end clients. The global network creates opportunities and benefits for members to access, without having to have a physical presence in the destination. This, coupled with the evolving products and services of Advantage’s global business travel proposition, provides solutions for members to access new markets and expand existing ones. UK members of Advantage Global Business Travel (Advantage’s TMC membership model) can easily opt in or out of utilising the network to help secure and facilitate global contracts, and use it to win new business and retain existing clients.

The international partners of The Advantage Global Network will benefit from the streamlined alignment with the Advantage brand, and as one of the world’s largest travel buying groups with a collective spend of £12bn*, partners will also see increased engagement with Advantage Global Business Travel members, bringing new business opportunities. In addition, the increased brand exposure will benefit the international partners by heightening their reach beyond their local markets.

The Advantage Travel Partnership’s CEO, Julia Lo Bue-Said said: “Although the rebrand from WIN Global Travel Network to The Advantage Global Network is in essence a name change, because of the increased awareness and reputation of the trusted Advantage brand, bringing consistency of name will strengthen our global business travel offering and better incorporate the global network into our core business, making it easier for UK members and international partners to communicate its benefits and facilitate collaborative enterprises with each other. The rebrand also better reflects the place and importance our global network has within the Advantage family.”

John Hobbs-Hurrell formerly Head of WIN Global Travel Network and now Head of The Advantage Global Network said: “The rebrand will bring additional benefits, not just to our existing Advantage Global Business Travel members, but also to our international partners who will find, through the increased brand exposure, more engagement with Advantage Global Business Travel members bringing about new opportunities through the networking prospects available to them. The network will continue to provide a connected community of TMCs around the world which we will continue to grow following the rebrand.”

Access to The Advantage Global Network is just one of the many benefits of Advantage’s global business travel proposition, which includes access to their Global Accommodation Programme and Global Air Programme, as well as leading commercial terms through the leverage of its aggregated global spend and buying power, training, networking events, business support and marketing tool kits.

*2019 figures