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WIN Partners with AI Technology Company Grapevine

Advantage and WIN Partner with AI Technology Company Grapevine
“The Intelligent Digital Concierge”

Increasing TMC ancillary attachment rates

London, 19 May 2021 – Advantage Travel Partnership, the largest independent travel agent group in the UK and WIN Global Travel Network, of which Advantage is the majority shareholder, have partnered with cutting edge AI technology provider Grapevine, to offer travel management company (TMC) members and WIN partners access to an exciting new technology designed to assist in the post-pandemic recovery.

Grapevine’s AI engine, Marvin, analyses TMC data and intelligently retargets travellers with right time, right channel personalised and in-policy offers that are optimised for conversion. With TMCs often leaking 70%+ of hotel bookings and capturing little to no in-destination spend, the product delivers a consumer-grade, total-trip user experience for travellers, enhanced duty of care for TMC customers and increased revenues for TMCs.

Grapevine CEO, Jack Dow said: “Pre-pandemic, downward pressures on airfare commissions meant that TMCs were already looking for ways to increase their share of ancillary bookings and drive profit margins. Post-pandemic, this requirement has become a necessity.

We’re delighted to partner with Advantage and WIN to help their membership deliver value to their clients by supporting in-policy bookings and increase revenues per trip.”

Core to Grapevine’s value proposition is its mission to offer TMCs a seamless technical integration. Minimal input is required from the TMC outside providing trip, policy and historical data. Grapevine has been working closely with well-known technology suppliers in the industry to access the data they require and therefore help minimise integration times. Marvin knows who the traveller is and when they are travelling and can offer personalised product booking suggestions from the instant they book their flights to the moment they get home.

Advantage Travel Partnership’s Head of Business Travel Services and Events Sonia Michaels said: “We’re delighted that Advantage Travel Partnership’s 200-plus TMC members and the international WIN Global Travel Network, of which Advantage is the majority shareholder, can now access Grapevine’s technology. Increasing accommodation and other ancillary attachment rates and capturing in-destination spend will be core to TMC recovery post-pandemic. Duty of care is also higher than ever on corporate customers’ agendas and having a single channel for all these bookings is critical to delivering value to TMC clients.

“Advantage and WIN are committed to providing access to the most comprehensive portfolio of tools in the market to ensure members can best serve the needs of their clients.”

Grapevine launched its accommodation recommendations product with Advantage member Gray Dawes in February, and the company will soon be rolling out other core ancillaries such as airport parking, car hire, meeting rooms and transfers; in-trip offers, such as fast track security and lounge access;  before introducing in-destination ‘bleisure’-focused recommendations, such as restaurants, ground transportation live entertainment, attractions or guided tours.

Gray Dawes CEO, Suzanne Horner said: “Post-pandemic, TMCs will need to adopt a proactive retailing strategy to survive. Grapevine offers a unique turnkey solution at a very attractive ROI to help them achieve this. We’re really excited about collaborating on the project.”