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To boldly go…

‘To Boldly Go’ Where Very Few Have Been For Some Time

Blog by John Hobbs-Hurrell, Head of The Advantage Global Network

My early years were spent week by week absorbed by the tales of the fearless Captain of The Star Ship Enterprise and his crew as they traversed the universe exploring new galaxies and being the protectors of space. TV couldn’t get any better and I partially believe this was an early influencer in my interest in travel, albeit it being inter galactic.

I was fascinated by the story of William Shatner finally achieving a first after 55 years of taking on the role as the fictional character James T Kirk, one assumed he was knowledgeable of the working of a space craft, the world beyond the earth atmosphere and protocols at Space Ports!, all be it from the comfort of a Hollywood TV studio. Climbing aboard the Space Shepard Rocket he became the first 90 year old to enter space, quite an achievement and ground breaking too. It left me wondering about first travel experiences as we see the steady resumption of air services across the globe.

In roughly the two years where mainstream air travel ceased a new generation of travellers will have emerged and now have the opportunity to experience flight, navigating an airport and arrival at a new unfamiliar destination. Equally there are older folk who maybe looking to travel overseas for the first time or those who are planning to fly again when the timing feels right for them. How many people have forgotten about the onboard experience, queuing to board a plane and sitting in an aircraft seat and time zone changes.

Who remembers their first travel experience and also their last before the pandemic took hold of the world?. Everyone has a story to tell and maybe there are those who have travelled in between lock downs, but for the majority staycation and home working has ensured they remain on terra ferma. I fondly recall my first flight experience, a Dan Air service between Gatwick and Palma Majorca, 1982 and from that moment onwards I was hooked on travel. I also remember my final flight before lockdown and that was a race against time before borders closed, onboard a British Airways service leaving Innsbruck back to London, it felt like an evacuation.

One thing is clear these new travellers and those returning will need support and plenty of hand holding along the way. Advantage Global Network Partners are ideally located across the world to help guide those returning to travel and also those who have had a lengthy absence from travelling, including passengers who will be boarding aircraft for their first face to face business meeting in a long time.

Travel to some might feel like the final frontier, just as the monologue on Star Trek referenced the continuing mission to explore new worlds, seek out new life and civilizations, the opening borders will once again allow travellers to visit new countries, re-establish relationships and create new business opportunities. In doing so, they are boldly going where no-one has been for some time…